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A. BozziA. Bozzi, the world’s first metaphysical Italian-American superhero is Bennie’s co-host and exuberant foil on MENTORS OF NEW THOUGHT.  Born and raised in Chicago, Bozzi first discovered the Power of Thought by way of an unexpected cassette tape crash course in all things Earle Nightingale.  It was love at first listen.

Bozzi is a writer, actor, director and full-time student of New Thought living in Los Angeles.  He is obsessed with comic books, punk rock, and his three Godchildren.  He is also teaching himself how to bend time and space in order to marry Ms. Florence Scovel Shinn.  (Should he succeed, all are welcome at the reception.  No jacket required but gifts are encouraged.)

He embodies spiritual living by creating, performing, and (fingers crossed) entertaining from an infinite wellspring of creativity and possibility.  Bozzi refers to this unlimited source of light, love, and laughter as God, while proving these principles through ad-libbed imagination and relentless zeal.  Hourly.

“Nearly twenty years ago, Gilles and Lilliane Desjardins taught me that a shortcut to change and happiness is gratitude.  I suppose that’s as good of a reason as any to explain how I got here and why I’m writing this before sunrise.  Now please pass the orange juice.”

Bennie and Bozzi’s adventurous spirit of expression and heartfelt humor can be heard each week on KMNT.FM and MENTORS OF NEW THOUGHT INTERNET TALK RADIO.  Bozzi thanks you for checking out the site and is relieved to conclude discussion of himself in the third person.


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    Airing Live, 12 Noon PST Wednesday, November 23, 2011 "Your life is not just what is currently happening to you; it is
    how you are engaging the process of dreaming your desires into being."
    Dr. Arthur W. Chang Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang is the Senior Minister of The Founder's Center for Spiritual Living; the historic Founder's Church of Religious Science, in Los Angeles, California. In his September – October 2011 newsletter article titled: "Crossing the Threshold of Your Dream", Dr. Chang writes; "The journey into greater creativity generally begins with the experience of an unacceptable limit—the house of consciousness you currently live in. Our options are that we can let ourselves become depressed or we can seek out the opportunities that are always hidden in our problems— the enormous space that's near -"Nearer than breath and closer than skin." The...
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    "Get Your Work Out There" is worth more than you could possibly even conceive. We really got the show out there in a big way!!! We started out scared and somewhat scarred...we now have the ability to touch thousands. - Big Bro George (comedymayhem.com) Have you ever caught yourself wondering.... - How do I find the time between work and home and the projects that I need to get done? - How do I decide what to do first? - How do I learn to say "no" to friends who interrupt/don't understand my work time without feeling guilty? - How to I get rid of my negative emotional attachment to doing work I dislike? - How do I deal with an underlying fear of failure? - Maybe you get day to day things accomplished, no prob. But projects, like...
  • There's Always a Solution
    This Broadcast Aired Live, 12 Noon PST
    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 This Live Broadcast is now available for download.
    "I was not born to be average and neither were you."
    Dr. Harry Morgan Moses, "It's So Easy When You Know How"
    Dr. Harry Morgan Moses is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and motivational corporate trainer. His message empowers people to achieve greater emotional health, success and creativity by showing how shifts in attitude establish genuine fulfillment. With more than 20 years of study in the world's great philosophies, Dr. Harry brings with him an extensive knowledge of the practical application of right attitude living to promote personal and professional success. Bennie...
  • Living By Design
    This Show Aired Live, 12 Noon PST
    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 This Live Broadcast is now available for download.

    "My definition for progress is that you do something better than the way you did it yesterday, and plan to do it even better tomorrow." ~Paul Williams
    Tim Barber is the Principal Architect at TBL, an Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Los Angeles, best known for classical architecture tailored for the modern age. Tim's creative expression is on display in homes that are designed to encourage real living with places for family rituals, learning, entertaining and daydreaming. Tim is also a licensed Religious Science Practitioner whose journey and practice of spiritual principle has resulted in a life Lived by Design. What is the process of living your life by design? Bennie...
  • Successfully MidAir
    This Show Aired Live, 12 Noon PST
    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 This Live Broadcast is now available for download.
    "It is so wonderfully gratifying for me when I see someone grasp Life's Success principles as Sandra has done. Not only has she used them to change her life, but to help countless others to change." ~Mary Manin Morrissey
    What happens when you find yourself in MidAir? Something has happened in your life and you're now in a "free fall." You have a destination in mind – a life that you would like to land in, but you have no idea, or only a vague idea, of how to get there. How do you navigate all the "stuff" that life throws at you? How do you stay focused on your preferred destination when your current experience is so huge and seems to demand all of your attention? How do you focus on what...

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