The Process of Individuation

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
12:00 pm PST to 1:00 pm PST
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Bennie Harris shared the studio with fellow artisan, Rev. John McLean. Rev. McLean shared his insight, wisdom and understanding on “The Process of Individuation.” Mentors of New Thought; “The Process of Individuation” with Rev. John McLean.




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Rev. John M. McLean is the Director of the Center for Spiritual Living - Los Angeles in June 2010. He had previously served ministries in Nashville, Tennessee and Bellevue, Washington since his ordination in 2003. He began his spiritual journey with Dr. David Walker at this very same center then called the Los Angeles Church of Religious Science. He was also first licensed as a practitioner under Dr. Walker and also served on the Board of Trustees.

Rev. McLean’s purpose is to advance the practice and understating of Truth so that all who “seek, shall find” a better experience of life. He sees his chief work as that of a teacher of Principle, joyfully celebrating the Divine as the human experience and as a provider of a place for the language of the soul to be expressed.


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