No Man Left Behind - Transcending PTSD

No Man Left Behind – Transcending Post-Traumatic Stress is committed to creating a new awareness around this thing called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how one can transcend it.

Though many may benefit from this awareness, our work is directed to those experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress related to their military/combat service and their families.

It's no secret that our country is still struggling to address the challenges of war, especially Post-Traumatic Stress. With the horrific post-war experience of the Vietnam veteran still fresh in many of our memories and the eventual end of hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan before us, we're committed to no man or woman being left behind, held hostage mentally and emotionally.

I don't believe that the Military, the Veterans Administration or our (any) government alone has all the answers, nor should we wait for them to determine the answers, better treatment regimens or strategies. The best solutions do not always come through bureaucracy but through creative thought and endeavor.

If you are still struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress and the anxiety, fear and frustration is wearing you and your family down, we can help!

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