The Secret of Success

Mentors - William Walker Atkinson

"The desirable thing is to possess sufficient Individuality and Initiate to be your own bell whether –to be a law unto yourself, so far as other men are concerned."

All people are striving and seeking for Success. Their ideas of Success may differ, but they are all agreed upon the desirability of Attainment. "Attainment" –that is the word which embodies the essence of that which we call Success.

It is the "Getting-There" idea –the idea of Attainment –of reaching the Goal for which we set out. That is the story –Attainment.

Many have endeavored to point the way to Success, and while some have rendered valuable service to those who were following them on the Path of Attainment, yet none have been able to tell the whole story of Success. And this is not to be wondered at, for the reason that on the road to Success, each and every individual must be, in measure, a law unto himself. No two temperaments are exactly alike –Nature delights in variety; no two sets of circumstances are precisely the same –infinite variety manifests here also. And so, it would be folly to attempt to lay down rules of universal application which would surly lead all to the great goal of Success. One has to but look around him on all sides and see the different needs of the different individuals composing the crowd, in order to recognize the futility of any attempt to lay down the lines of universal instruction on this subject.

Each and every man who has succeeded has done so in a different way –generally along some lines of action –in fact, the faculty or characteristic known as Individuality seems to have played an important part in the success of the majority of persons who have attained it. And Individuality renders those possessing it to a marked degree, to be likely to depart from any set rules or laid-out courses of action. And so, it may be stated as a general principle that each must work out his own Success along the lines of His own Individuality, rather than by following any set rule or line of conduct.

We believe that each and every person must work out his own Success, along the lines of his own Individuality, instead of along some cut-and-dried plan. And right here is where the "Secret of Success" comes in. "Along the lines of his own Individuality," we have just said –then it must follow that one must possess Individuality before he may work along its "lines." And in the measure that he possesses Individuality, so will he possess the first prerequisite to Success. And that is what we mean by "The Secret of Success" –INDIVIDUALITY.

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