If You Want to Do Anything, Start Doing It

Mentors - Walter Russell

"If you desire to do it, write that desire on upon your heart and take it to sleep with you."

I have always adopted the slogan; "if you want to do anything, start doing it." Start at once doing the thing you wish to do with full awareness and full comprehension that there is nothing that can stop you from doing it. If you desire to do it, write that desire upon your heart and take it to sleep with you. If the answer is given you in the morning that says go ahead and do it; that means the power of God is there. With that full knowledge I would start doing it and I knew before I started that I would succeed.

   I say write that question upon your heart because I had begun to learn that nights were more important than the days. I have been asked many times to tell what the night means and what happens during sleep when the body is supposedly unconscious and wasting time. To the best of my ability I have tried to put this into words. The night is the time for knowing; unless we take ourselves away from everything and lose ourselves in meditation.

   My meditations were in the night when my body was asleep. Consciousness is not what you think it is. You think that when you stop thinking you are asleep, that you are unconscious. There is no such thing as a state of unconsciousness. When the electric voltage of the body is lowered so that the electric current flowing through it isn't so strong as to keep you in a state of what you call wakefulness, you sink into slumber when night comes simply because your body has fatigued and is in the opposite cycle of its day, one part of it being the positive and the other the negative part of the cycle –just as with the planet, the day side being the positive and the night the negative or expansive side.

   The violets in the meadow fold up at night and the cattle lie down. Everything seemingly goes to sleep because the electric force that winds matter up and gives it what we call expression of life, lowers its voltage. Your body is likewise lowered in voltage so the electric current will not operate sufficiently to arouse those countless millions of little memories that you have photographed on your brain. When those little photographic images or records of events and things that you have observed are no longer functioning, you then become unaware of physical existence. I won't say that you stop thinking because very few people think at all. They are but electrically aware of things, and so we unreel those electrically-photographed memories upon our brain and use them over and over again automatically. We call that thinking but it isn't thinking at all. It is an electrical awareness of an electrical existence and nothing more. It makes people aware of sensation. Thinking is an extension of the Mind itself. Thinking is an electrical extension in light of the knowing-Mind, extending that knowledge to waves of light and setting them in motion to express the ideas that are in the stillness.

   If the body is normal and comfortable so that it can sleep, the Mind can be freed from the body. The Mind will go on and work for you and do just what you want it to do. It will give you that part of the whole idea which you are asking for, for your use the next day.

   I have found that what I've wished to know in order to put into action the next day, I asked for when I went to sleep, and I had that knowledge when I awoke. I did not have to waste time the next day taking that idea apart bit by bit and putting it into motion. By taking that idea apart I mean this: in consciousness you conceive ideas as a whole. The whole idea comes to you in a flash, but it may take ten years to work it out by experimentation in laboratories or by the countless effort of putting into motion the different elements of matter, and by experimenting with all sorts of things to give you what you conceived as a whole in that flash of time, that flash of timelessness. It may take ten years for you to pick it apart by thinking out your knowing.

   Knowing is the spiritual part of life, and living in the knowing universe is what makes one different from other people.


~Walter Russell, excerpted from; "The Secret of Working Knowingly With God" 1993~


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