What is Reality?

Mentors - Walter Russell

"Is that product of mine the reality, or is it the thought which caused the product the reality? We all look in the direction of our product, thinking mistakenly that the thing which we have created is the real thing."

   I say that the real substance of any product whatsoever is not in the product at all, but is only in the thought behind the product. The thought itself is never created; it is but given symbolic form. The thought belongs to the thinker and to other thinkers who are capable of interpreting the symbolic form in which he expresses his thought. Thought and inspiration have no dimension whatsoever; they belong to the unseen and unseeable world. Those things you and I produce –things which can be seen, felt, sold and bartered –have no meaning whatsoever except the meaning that people can give them by the ability of the original creative thinker to transfer his thoughts to other people, and by their ability to reflect the light of another thinker upon their own consciousness.

   As a general principle, you can see how that applies to everything in life, whether you are a salesman, a doctor, an artist or a businessman. Therefore, to get back to the real substance of all things, you must get back into the thought world. Until one knows that the thought-energy is the cause which is back of all things, and the product only the effect, then he is tied to the effect and is limited by it. He belongs to the world of imitation and that world only. As an imitator, his life processes of education have been parroting ones; he leans on others; he copies, but he does not create.

   But the person who truly knows this principle and lives it is one who creates by setting his knowledge in motion by means of thought-waves for the purpose expressing his imaginings dynamically in thought form. Such a man realizes the only thing that ever creates is the form of the thing, and if that form is true to the balance and rhythm of his inspired thought, then it is a true form with a true balance and true rhythm, which will inspire others with that truth. Any man, who thus thinks, knows that his product is going to be a masterly creation before he starts it. And that is just as true of a sale as it is of an invention, a painting, or of a monument.

   To state is generally; no expression of anything is that which expresses. The play is not the playwright –the paint is not the picture, the words are not the poem, nor is the poem the poet. Likewise, in the bigger sense, Creation is not the Creator –Creation is but the thinking of the Creator, and even the thinking of the Creator is not the Creator –it is but His extension, His imaging, His expression of All-Knowledge, All-Power, and All-Presence.


~Walter Russell, excerpted from; "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe"~



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