Desire and Destiny

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

"Desire always springs from emotion, and emotion is what impresses a conception on Universal Subconscious Mind."


It is a difficult thing to convince people that destiny and desire are the same thing, but there remains not the slightest doubt but what this is so.

Confusion comes because people believe that desire is wishing, or hoping or envying. A man will say, "Why, I've desired to be a writer all my life, and I've never had anything published, nor even come close to it." We might then ask, "What have you written?" and be assured that his answer will be, "Well, I've started quite a few things, but I can't ever seem to finish them."

He doesn't desire to be a writer. He actually desires not to be a writer. He is so convinced of failure that his escape mechanism prompts him to never finish anything so that he won't have to suffer the fear of having it rejected.

Desire always springs from emotion, and emotion is what impresses a conception on Universal Subconscious Mind. People are forever adopting attitudes that are in direct contradiction to their emotions, simply because they want another face to present to the world. They go to great lengths to preserve this face, some of them even winding up in institutions for the insane, but they do absolutely nothing about changing their feelings. Beneath the level of consciousness, their desires are all aimed at negative things through fear, hate, or insecurity, even though the face they show to the world seems pleasant and aspiring. We know them and find them wherever we go. They are our brave little martyrs, long suffering; our "good" people whom fate seems to delight in dealing blow after blow. They are not to be chastised or scorned. They would help themselves if they could. They simply do not know how.

Do not confuse true desire with the defensive mechanisms of your Conscious Mind. Know yourself. Lay bare the bones of your feelings; expose them, no matter the pain or suffering or humility involved. For only when your hurts and grief's and torments and fears have been cast away can you find your true being and see the nature of the power that flows forever through the depths of your soul.

"Individuality is founded in feeling; and the recesses of feeling, the darker, blinder strata of character, are the only places in the world in which we catch real fact in the making, and directly perceive how events happen, and how work is actually done."

 ~William James~


U.S. Andersen; "Three Magic Words" 1954



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