Imagination and Creation

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

"Only an unfettered mind, where imagination has full play, has the audacity to challenge the impossible."

   Universal Subconscious Mind protrudes through every Conscious Mind in the form of what we are pleased to call imagination. This play of imagery, which we may summon into our Conscious Minds, has absolutely no limit upon it except that which we ourselves impose. All creative impulses spring from imagination.

   The imagination of Columbus allowed him to ask; "What if the world were round?" Universal Subconscious Mind did the rest, and one day Columbus found himself sailing westward on a sea which everyone said was flat. "What if a man could fly?" asked Orville Wright, and Universal Mind provided him with the answer one day at Kitty Hawk.

   It is the undreamed, the undone, the impossible, which like itself is constantly striving to achieve. Only an unfettered mind, where imagination has full play, has the audacity to challenge the impossible. What if I could make it cheaper? What if I could do it better? The imagination conceives, and Universal Subconscious Mind delivers. Men conquer disease, build great towers and bridges, provide transport by gasoline and Diesel engine, light cities with invisible power, send pictures and voices through the air, wiz from one continent to the other, all because the audacious imagination has dared to suppose these things were possible. All of them, every major advance made by humanity when first conceived, inspired laughter and derision on the part of vast numbers of people who would rather be little and blind and smug, than big, humble and visionary.

   It matters not what you job is, whether you dig ditches or rule nations. The same power is available to you as is available to anyone, and even the most exalted on earth use but a tiny fraction of it. If you will discard the false notion that security rests with material things, and place your faith and trust in Universal Subconscious Mind, the power will then work for you, creating in your life those very things which you allow yourself to imagine and accept.

   Consider the Lilies of the field. Vain striving made them not, nor will worry hurry their bloom. They spring forth, well formed from the power that governs all; and man may pursue his ends on earth with the same composure as a Lily nestles in the field, with trust in God and faith in tomorrow.

~U.S. Andersen, excerpt from; "Three Magic Words" 1954~


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