The Source of All Ideas

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

“The greater your faith, the clearer your image, the more readily it is impressed upon the Subconscious, and the sooner it will be returned to you in the physical world.”

Primary on the ladder of achievement is the first rung –getting the idea. How often we are witness in this modern age to a new invention, a sweeping novel, and revolutionary businesses, new forms of entertainment, education, and convenience. How often most of us say to ourselves; “If only I could have thought of that,” and how often we believe we might have, if only chance had directed the idea our way.

   Chance has nothing to do with directing great ideas to the people who have them. The idea finds its owner because the owner attracts it. He attracts it by placing himself in a mental position where the idea must come to him. He does this by removing from his mind all barriers as to what can or can’t be done, all negative thoughts concerning limitation and lack, and he puts his trust in Universal Subconscious Mind, confident that it will deliver the answer if he has but the courage to ask the question.

   Something better, greater, finer, more useful –those are the creative aims of all of us, but we spend most of our hours placing ourselves in mental positions that attract the very opposite ideas, so firm is our faith in limitation, lack and suffering.

   The greatest men in the world us the exact same power as you and I do, and the great man has no more claim on this power than we do. The power is equally available to all, and it works in the life of each man according to his vision and understanding. Be assured that Einstein had no more access to this power than you. You need only open your heart, become possessed by love, free yourself from the limits of racial (socialized) thinking and pain remembrance, and the power will flow through. It will deliver to you anything you ask for with faith and courage and clear conception.

   Free yourself to ask the aspiring questions, with complete confidence that the answers will come. Will you write a book, build a bridge, develop a new market, start your own business, attain a better job, or develop your capacity for rendering increased service? Ask Universal Subconscious Mind, “How can I do this thing?” Rest assured that the answer will come. Don’t struggle with it. Don’t question and doubt or wonder and fret.

   Simply have confidence! In a day, a week, a month, the answer will come, clearly, as if a voice had spoken in your soul. Some little thing, perfectly matter-of-fact, will lead to its being revealed to you; and it will be easy to say that pure chance delivered it or that it would have come anyway, so natural it will seem. But don’t be fooled! What Universal Subconscious Mind manifests in this world is always easily attributable to physical causes, but no one has ever been able to trace such a chain of cause and effect to anything other than the eternal source.

   When the answer comes to your question, and a fine idea has been delivered into your life, you are witness to the handiwork of God! If you are wise, you will take a moment to regard this miracle with awe and humbleness.

    Getting the idea simply involves opening your mind and heart to attract it, with complete trust that it will be delivered to you by Universal Subconscious Mind. Remain steadfast in your faith! The idea will come!

~U.S. Anderson, excerpt from; “Three Magic Words” 1954~


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