Seeds of Destiny

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

"The whole theory of the universe
is directed to one individual –namely to You." ~Walt Whitman

Each of us carries in within him the spiritual causes that determine his destiny. Sometimes these causes are not so much spiritual as they are psychological "prompters," and when they become twisted through fear, hate, bitterness, or resentment our lives can be driven calamitously.

But psychological prompters, no matter how deeply buried in the subconscious, can be overcome by spiritual understanding. This understanding may be arrived at by intellectual grasp, by suffering or simply by humility, very often by all three, but once arrived at; it is a new birth of the soul. That which you fancy yourself to be, you never have really been, for it is a thing that changes with the seasons and alters with the tides.

What you truly are is a permanent thing, changeless, with its foundations planted in eternity. To let go of the old self and cleave to the new is the essence of spiritual growth.

~U.S. Andersen, "The Secret of Secrets" 1958~

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