Uell Stanley Andersen

Uell Stanley AndersenUell Stanley Andersen (1917 – 1986) a successful self-help author in the 1950s and 1960s, his books describe methods of attaining personal peace, a positive attitude and success in a clear-cut, easy to understand way. Andersen's philosophy is very enlightened (and enlightening) and transcends the borders of individual philosophies and religions.

Desire and Destiny

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

"Desire always springs from emotion, and emotion is what impresses a conception on Universal Subconscious Mind."


It is a difficult thing to convince people that destiny and desire are the same thing, but there remains not the slightest doubt but what this is so.


Imagination and Creation

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

"Only an unfettered mind, where imagination has full play, has the audacity to challenge the impossible."

   Universal Subconscious Mind protrudes through every Conscious Mind in the form of what we are pleased to call imagination. This play of imagery, which we may summon into our Conscious Minds, has absolutely no limit upon it except that which we ourselves impose. All creative impulses spring from imagination.


The Source of All Ideas

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

“The greater your faith, the clearer your image, the more readily it is impressed upon the Subconscious, and the sooner it will be returned to you in the physical world.”

Primary on the ladder of achievement is the first rung –getting the idea. How often we are witness in this modern age to a new invention, a sweeping novel, and revolutionary businesses, new forms of entertainment, education, and convenience. How often most of us say to ourselves; “If only I could have thought of that,” and how often we believe we might have, if only chance had directed the idea our way.


Seeds of Destiny

Mentors - Uell Stanley Andersen

"The whole theory of the universe
is directed to one individual –namely to You." ~Walt Whitman

Each of us carries in within him the spiritual causes that determine his destiny. Sometimes these causes are not so much spiritual as they are psychological "prompters," and when they become twisted through fear, hate, bitterness, or resentment our lives can be driven calamitously.


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