The Standard of Personality

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"...Our process for developing power is to contemplate the Originating Spirit as the source of the power we want to develop."

We know that by the very nature of the Creative Process we are one with the Originating Spirit and therefore one with all the principles of its Being, and consequently one with its Infinite Personality, and therefore our contemplation of it as the Power which we want, gives us the power to use that Power.

Then comes the application of the power thus generated.

But, there is only one Creative Process; that of the Self-contemplation of Spirit, and therefore the way to use this process for the application of the power, is to contemplate ourselves as surrounded by the conditions which we want to produce.

This does not mean that we are to lay down a hard and fast pattern of the conditions and strenuously endeavor to compel the Power to conform its working to every detail of our mental picture –to do so would be to hinder its working and to exhaust ourselves.

What we are to dwell upon, is the idea of an Infinite Power producing the happiness we desire, and because this Power is also the Forming Power of the Universe, trusting it to give that form to the conditions which will most perfectly react upon us to produce the particular state of consciousness desired.

~Thomas Troward, excerpt from "The Creative Process in the Individual" 1915~

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