Changing Your M.O.

Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

When was the last time you changed your "m.o.?" Perhaps by shopping at a different supermarket, going to bed later, wearing a hat, flying a kite, taking in a mid-week afternoon movie or inviting that certain someone to know...the one you've had your eye on?


We are humanly creatures of habit and it just seems easier in many instances to do the "same old, same old" rather than to shift into a new paradigm. We also have an automatic mechanism called our subconscious mind which accommodates that way of being, since it's only too happy to dish out what's already been churning around...over and over again. When we take a new turn mentally, emotionally and through new behaviors, we can run into resistance and apparent blockages to our forward momentum. Through this, we begin to understand the nature of what we're dealing with and from this, new insights and gateways of creative growth can emerge.

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