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Dr. Sue Rubin discovered Religious Science and began studying the Science of Mind. There was an immediate resonance, something from deep within that said, "Yes, this is my path." And, that is exactly the walk Sue has taken since that initial discovery in 1976. She became a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science and then went on to her first ministry in 1985, where she became the Founding Pastor of the First Church of Religious Science in Edmonton Alberta. Dr. Sue remained in Edmonton ten years; leaving a positive trail of trained ministers and purchasing the church's own facility.

Her journey then took her to Interim Ministry in Honolulu, and that segued into being installed as Pastor of the Westlake Village Church of Religious Science in 1996. After thirteen years, and a Doctorate honor given by Religious Science International, Dr. Sue left what now is the Center for Spiritual Living and currently serves the Science of Mind/New Thought community at large, by guest speaking, workshops, teaching, mentoring and continuing to "minister" in whatever ways are presented.

Dr. Sue continues to serve the larger organization of what is now International Centers for Spiritual Living serving on teams that are dedicated to taking the Science of Mind to the world stage.

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Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

"I consciously decided to place myself in oneness with the creative flow of Life."

I used some of my time while on a two week cruise to the Hawaiian Islands to deepen my sense of uninterrupted oneness with God.


Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

We're here to make the world a safer, more peaceful and sustainable place for all to live and safely enjoy.

   I have always approached the Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year Season with ambivalence. I intellectually and spiritually know better and yet the memory of December 21, 1948, lingers.

Setting Ourselves Free

Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

"So this month is not about being phony and pretentious about the ways in which we dutifully offer up our thanksgiving"

It occurred to me that forgiveness and gratitude go hand in hand. You really can't have one without the other. How is it possible for me to appreciatively scan my human landscape if within myself I still seethe with resentment, unresolved issues and grudges?


Being Real

Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

Every time October rolls around I think about Halloween parties, about the masks we wear, the costumes we put on and our delight in showing off this other persona. Imagine showing up at a costume party as yourself, as your unique and radiantly unadorned, inner Self!



Changing Your M.O.

Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

When was the last time you changed your "m.o.?" Perhaps by shopping at a different supermarket, going to bed later, wearing a hat, flying a kite, taking in a mid-week afternoon movie or inviting that certain someone to lunch...you know...the one you've had your eye on?



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