Act Your Belief

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"Act mentally the way you want to be even though you feel the opposite."


When things seem to be difficult, a change of attitude will bring a new look at your situation. Your attitude precedes your demonstration.


Look through the unpleasant condition. It can reflect a negative attitude, but it does not represent what you really are. Don't get so involved in conditions that you forget who you really are. You may drive through a dense fog, but you are not the fog. The same is true of every experience. You are spiritual Mind in action. You are its perfect embodiment, but you have to know this.

How can you rise above the condition and be conscious of who you really are? Through thought! Pretend you are doing the best thing for you although you do not believe it. Affirm the allness of God –even in the face of doubt. Act mentally the way you want to be even though you feel the opposite.

Every time you affirm the truth of Being, something happens in your unseen world of Mind. Water can be cleansed by drop after drop of pure water being applied to it. Thought purifies in the same way. Suddenly you can be surprised to find that you actually believe wholeheartedly what you have been affirming.

This is the creative principle at work: Present the truth as an affirmation. Repeat the process. Begin to act out your desired belief. Before you know it and almost unawares, you find yourself expressing your desire. You no longer have to pretend. You are the thing itself. You have made your demonstration.


Dr. Robert Bitzer, Excerpted from "Collected Essays" 1990




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