How Vision Creates

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"The clearer the vision, the more easily a person can work."


The Creative Vision penetrates existing conditions and sees every situation as we want it to be. Some people become so engrossed in existing conditions that they are unable to see a condition as it should be.

Imagination and Vision go together. A person with imagination can easily picture in his own mind things as they should be. A person remodeling a house will see the house just as he wants it to be before a carpenter has driven a nail. The interior decorator gets a vision of the room, makes their plans and experiments. Their vision may not include every detail, but it is sufficiently clear to guide them.

The clearer the vision, the more easily a person can work. Our vision assumes form because of the creativeness of Mind, just as a mold determines the form which our substance shall assume. The thought determines the specific manifestation of mental substance. Our vision gives definiteness, but does not necessarily include minute details. It is our acceptance of that which we desire to experience. It is our acknowledgement of the activity of mind in us.

This mind is ever objectifying itself and, in our individualized experiences, follows our mental pattern. It will continue to objectify itself according to the pattern which we have established until we change that perception. This is why so many times our experiences repeat themselves without any conscious effort on our part. Many people have unpleasant or unfortunate experiences because of some old vision which did not see every relationship as it was desired.

A person, who is always bringing out the worse in everyone they meet, would be following an imperfect thought pattern, but if they were to sustain their vision on the level of their God-consciousness, all of their relationships would be on that same plane. The Best in us meets the Best in those who surrounds us.

If we have been vacillating or lacking in decision making, we may have set that habit as our mental pattern.

Just as our vision about life and our relationship to our fellowman governs our relations with those around us, so our vision of the Self determines our conduct. If we see only the worst in ourselves, weakness will objectify in our experience.

Regardless of our past experiences or present situation, we must vision the Self as we want it to be in its expression. To do this, we must lift our thought above the actual experience which we are having; just as the vision of the contractor would go beyond his view o the house which was to be demolished or the building which was to be altered, so the Vision of the Self goes beyond present faculties which we are using.

We think on the plane of mind where form originates in substance. We see the Self as the expression of God, God's thought. We recognize the Self as God's life. It may not always be easy in the face of seeming adversity and confusion to penetrate the turmoil and discord and see a Perfect Idea at work, but where discord exists, it is because of a faulty mental pattern.

Our thought can penetrate every condition and every situation and perceive man as the Divine Reality. That which we see with conviction becomes our experience and the clearness of our perception determines our Harmonious Unfoldment. The God Power in us finds Its outlet through us. The Vision is Fulfilled.

As our perception becomes keener, we reach that place in consciousness where we realize that our thought of Perfection is not creating the Perfection, but is our acceptance of the Perfect Thought which created us.

This is where our vision goes beyond the common practice of visualization because we are not putting our own projection into life, but are seeing God's projection of the Perfect Self as the Great Reality and our life.

We do not meditate upon the Perfection of the Self in order to create a Perfect Self, but to quicken our vision so that we may perceive that Self which God created in His own image and likeness –Perfect Now. Nor do we visualize wealth in order to create wealth, but we vision the ever-flowing abundance of God finding its expression in us at all times as wealth.

The belief in limitation is eliminated because our clear consciousness of unlimited life brings through the Perfect Fulfillment. So many times students think that if they are definite in making their demands upon life, they will be limiting themselves, but the lesser is always included in the greater and our definite thinking gives conscious direction to our mental energy. As quickly as we attain one goal, we continue to move toward a larger goal. We set the direction which our lives shall take and the individual experiences will unfold harmoniously.

When we are traveling we have a destination and all of our energy is directed toward arriving at that place. But, the details on the way unfold automatically. So, we keep the Vision of the Self as a Divine Reality and the varied experiences will automatically express our Godness.


Dr. Robert Bitzer; Science of Mind Magazine, May, 1941




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