Self-Discovery and Success

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"Success is not the result of a peculiar state of mind, or an uncanny use of some mysterious law, but is the result of the God Power expressing through us according to our mental equivalent."

To know your Self is to become aware of your Infinite possibilities and to be confident of your ability to express that which you really are. Your Self-knowingness automatically creates its expression and fulfills your idea of success. Each individual in his own expression fulfills his personal mental pattern. A limited expression denotes a belief in limitations, or reflects incompleteness in thinking.

   We must recognize the Self as the individualized expression of God and the center through which God Activity is finding Its release. We establish in our thinking a realization of our wholeness and anticipate life fully expressed on every plane.

   Success is not the result of a peculiar state of mind, or an uncanny use of some mysterious law, but is the result of the God Power expressing through us according to our mental equivalent. Success must be recognized as the normal, natural expression of our God-conscious Self. Failure is a deviation from the Divine plan and therefore we give it no power and no place in our experience.

   The mold for the experience is created within our own thought. We should meditate every day upon the Self as the expression of God. We shall then realize that all that God is, the Self can and must be in its experience. The eagerness of many people in seeking success tends to deny the very things they are seeking. Their seeking affirms their belief in lack because they seek success in the outer activity while Success is a state of mind.

   The God-conscious individual is intensely active. The more aware we become of God, the greater the activity in our experiences; however, the activity of the God-conscious individual is a spontaneous over-flow of God Life infusing and filling all his affairs. Instead of working to create success outside, the God-conscious individual recognizes God-in-him as his success and all activity manifests this awareness of power.

   Our positive state of mind knows the God Power to be supreme and stands strong in this God-conscious Life. Thus, every action reflects this Power. We recognize that the natural inheritance of man is success and that the instinctive life within him, which is God, seeks to maintain its own awareness of successful being.

   Success is the spontaneous action of our Self-knowingness. Many people, however, have believed to the contrary. Man in his struggle to overcome difficulties of environment, has fallen into a frugality of thought which accepted poverty or limitation as the natural heritage. Any deviation from this was considered the result of uncanny thriftiness or the use of dishonest means.

   Theology did not always prove quite helpful in this respect for so many times it assumed that the wicked prospered while the saints lived in poverty, with the promise that when they got to heaven, they would get the good things that the sinners were enjoying now.

   The world most invariably looks up to a person that is successful, but its very admiration of success in another person, sometimes affirms its belief in its own failure. We should identify ourselves with the Principle of Success working in the successful person we behold. Jesus emphasized the successful, abundant Life. The seamless garment which he wore was the robe of aristocracy in his day, and when he traveled he accepted the finest hospitality and enjoyed the best that life afforded. He claimed all that the Father had as his.

   We need more and more to realize that man is the expression of God and can never separated from God. No superstitious belief in a fall can separate us from our Oneness with God and our expression of success.

   The success that Jesus had was because he knew himself to be One with the Father. He accepted all that the Father was as his own Divine Being. Healing was not the result of miraculous power, but the inevitable expression of a Self which was conscious of its Goodness. Man, the expression of God-conscious Life, is not subject to limitation or doubt, but is the Perfect Expression of his God-conscious Self.

   When we accept success as the spontaneous Activity of God-in-us, no belief in environment or heredity can work against us. Many people limit themselves because in their thinking they accept the standards of their progenitors. This is one of the great changes that is taking place in our civilization, that no individual will accept the thought mold of his predecessors when his vision goes beyond their belief.

   All our progress is the movement of our inner activity or Mind finding its expression in our affairs. We do not accept any condition, thing or situation as having any power in itself –regardless of what the external condition might signify. We behold every situation as the movement of mind –thought objectifying itself in our affairs.

   We must be very positive in our anticipation of success. We claim success as our natural birthright and that all of the Activity of God Mind is working in and through us to bring our success into form. Our acceptance of this God Idea will be so complete that no belief can oppose our success. We destroy all belief in outside interference, the domination of other minds, false representations, and conditions of times, for we recognize the God Power as the Only Force and the Presence fulfilling itself in us.

   Our success becomes more than our individual creation. It is our acceptance of the spontaneous overflow of God-consciousness manifesting in us. We admit nothing in our thought that could justify lack of success. No belief in past failure, no fear of adventure, no doubt of our possibilities has any influence over us.

   We think success. We are positive in our acceptance. Whenever we undertake a new venture, it is with the full expectancy that everything that we do prospers and succeeds. A belief in frustration and limitation produces only limited experiences, but our acceptance of the Truth, that God-in-us seeks Harmonious Unfoldment through us, changes our outlook. We deny the superstitious belief that any power could oppose us in the Unfoldment of our Good. Our success is assured, for God-in-us is the Great First Cause and is our active expression today.

Success is the law of my life. Everything I do prospers and succeeds.

Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, "Science of Mind Magazine" 1941


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