The Power in the Idea

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

THE MIND that gives you a new idea is the same mind that provides the ways and means for its fulfillment. Every detail and every contingency that could arise is provided for.

To release this inherent power you must think in terms of completeness. The One Mind sustains completeness in its idea and completeness in every phase of its expression.

Thoroughness and perseverance establish patterns that release your power. Punctuality and attention to details help. Slovenliness and neglect establish patterns that obstruct. Whatever you undertake to do, you should do well, and train yourself to stick to your vision.

Have only those interests to which you can give adequate attention. To have so many interests that all of them are slighted, works against you. Give more thought; time and attention to your idea before your decision is made, then you will not start things that you are unable to finish. Your enthusiasm and interest will not wane because you will have given the experience thorough attention before you created it.

~Dr. Robert Bitzer, The Creative Word, 1972

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