Vision is Always Fulfilled

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

The Greatest Vision that you have of yourself, no matter how wonderful it is, can still be surpassed. You have talents that are not being used and abilities what are dormant. Vision is the mental attitude that works on that which is in your consciousness and directs your talents into tangible form. Vision, backed with conviction, followed by affirmative action, is always fulfilled. This sequence of thought creates.

Vision contemplates that which is impossible, but you should not defeat your vision by claiming it is impossible. Each new vision should be greeted with an affirmative attitude that knows there is a way and that the way will be made known. A truly great idea may at first seem to be beyond your reach, but realize that the idea is given to you because there is something in your consciousness to fulfill it.

Progress is continuous. Everything that you do today can mentally transcend through vision. It is this stretching of vision that insures your growth and fulfillment.

Written by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, "The Creative Word, 1972"

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