Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

Orison Swett MardenDr. Robert H. Bitzer (1896 - 1994) Founder and Spiritual Director of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science. Dr. Bitzer wrote several books and gave hundreds of classes during his career. The Hollywood Church of Religious Science was the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science movement.



Act Your Belief

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"Act mentally the way you want to be even though you feel the opposite."


When things seem to be difficult, a change of attitude will bring a new look at your situation. Your attitude precedes your demonstration.



How Vision Creates

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"The clearer the vision, the more easily a person can work."


The Creative Vision penetrates existing conditions and sees every situation as we want it to be. Some people become so engrossed in existing conditions that they are unable to see a condition as it should be.


Self-Discovery and Success

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"Success is not the result of a peculiar state of mind, or an uncanny use of some mysterious law, but is the result of the God Power expressing through us according to our mental equivalent."

To know your Self is to become aware of your Infinite possibilities and to be confident of your ability to express that which you really are. Your Self-knowingness automatically creates its expression and fulfills your idea of success. Each individual in his own expression fulfills his personal mental pattern. A limited expression denotes a belief in limitations, or reflects incompleteness in thinking.


I Believe in the Power of God

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

"The individual triumphs through his reliance upon God as the inevitable Power finding expression through him."

  THROUGH a belief in the Power of God, men have throughout the ages accomplished that which was seemingly impossible. Man's belief in God did not change God, but provided the channels through which God could express in man's individual life. Our belief appropriates spiritual energy and applies the power to our specific need.


The Power in the Idea

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

THE MIND that gives you a new idea is the same mind that provides the ways and means for its fulfillment. Every detail and every contingency that could arise is provided for.

To release this inherent power you must think in terms of completeness. The One Mind sustains completeness in its idea and completeness in every phase of its expression.


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