A Capacity for Success

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"Everyone is born with a capacity for success.

You are born not only with success ability, but you also have a drive toward it, an emotional need of it."


ARE YOU ONE of the millions who work all day to earn enough money to buy enough food, to sleep all night in order to work the next day, to earn enough, etc., etc.?  Esther Clark was one of these. She arrived in New York City from a small town in Georgia for her annual four weeks vacation with pay.

"If I don't get a better job with more money in a larger city, I will go mad." She told me. "I am nothing but a poorly paid machine. The monotony is killing me."

Esther was a government clerk at an Army Base in a town of ten thousand. She lived in a dreary government-supplied apartment of one room, a bath, and a kitchen consisting of a hot plate on a shelf. Her anguish included lack of closet space, dull neighbors, and only one movie theater in town.

"Do you have the courage to make drastic changes in your thinking?" was my first question after hearing her story.

I talked to her for about an hour that day. She came back to my office for two more treatment sessions during her stay in New York. I gave her a planned program for changing her thinking. I showed her how to treat her own mind to erase the monotony pattern and to establish a creative one in its place. I gave her a list of books to read which would maintain her courage after she went home.

Four months later Esther Clark had another equally routine job. But, it was on the staff of a New York publishing house. The salary was better and more important to her, she was in a large, vital city to which she responded with joy. A year later, she moved to the editorial staff of an important woman's magazine at a high salary. She has climbed steadily ever since.

How did Esther do this? Any person with courage, who knows what he or she wants to do, can change their life from one of failure and monotony to one of success and creative living.

Everyone is born with a capacity for success. You are born not only with success ability, but you also have a drive toward it, an emotional need of it. You have the need and the ability to bring success to the surface of mind and make it factual.

Anyone is a success who is aware of themselves as a creative person, and can live without too much emotional stress at whatever level their work in life is. You may be a housekeeper, a mother, a millionaire, or you may be a $40,000.00 a year person. You are a success if you are doing a creative job in life and can live without emotional strain in the economic and social pattern in which you find yourself.

I do not define success on a money basis, or on the basis of genius, as there are fewer geniuses than the word recognizes. Success is not based on grandiose achievement or the applause of the public. The successful individuals are creating their experience, and are at peace within themselves and their creativity. If you are doing this, you are successful, and the money you earn is secondary.

Medical and psychological authorities in the last fifty years have awakened to the unity of mind and body. They now write of the mind and body relationship. The day will come when they will expand their vision, experiments and laboratories, and perceive that as the mind can make man's body sick, so can the mind make man's business world sick. They will realize that man, as man, must be everything which he is, and that this everything which he is, includes his total experience. A business failure is indicative of man's ignorance of spiritual facts.

A failure is not necessarily a person who is bankrupt. A failure is anyone who, either through their own ignorance, or through their acceptance of situations, apparently beyond their control, has resigned themselves to some form of expression which is frustrating rather than creative.

This causes an emotional conflict in one's subconscious mind, producing lack of ease, a sense of guilt, and a feeling of insecurity. This can happen to the one earning a million dollars a year as easily as it can happen to the one earning $80,000.00 a year. Success and failure are not monetarily evaluated. They are judged on the basis of consciousness. That is why every religion has warned you that the only thing you will ever take with you in death is your mind. You cannot take your success or failure in the world to further existence, but you do take your subconscious with you.

Your consciousness, your thinking-feeling process of life, is what you are. You did not create it, nor can you stop it. You are it. Consciousness is something which you cannot create; you cannot destroy; you can only direct. The entire science of treatment (prayer) is based upon the premise that the thinking-feeling power in you will follow direction, and will do what it is told to do. The thinking-feeling you, that something in you which caused you to be, can be directed, can be channeled, and it will produce for you the results of your command. By your channeling of power, you produce either a pleasant experience which you call heaven, or an unpleasant experience which you call hell. Each week you have a little heaven, and you have a little hell. You have created some pleasant conditions, and you have created some unpleasant conditions.

Within the human mind; excuses, alibis, and material reasons are manifold. You have your pet excuses. Spiritual geniuses, however, see right through these excuses and alibis of the human mind. They lay bare consciousness as the surgeon can lay your heart in surgery. Spiritual teachers say:

"In you there is a creative power of mind and emotion.

You use it. Behold what you have done with it."


Raymond Charles Barker, excerpted from; "Treat Yourself to Life" 1954


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