The Divine Option

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

 "Your future is being shaped today by your mental habits."

   The food that you eat nourishes the body; the ideas that you use nourish the mind; and the prayers that you pray nourish the Spirit indwelling you. All these things are optional. We can eat whatever we desire; we can think what we choose; and we can pray or not, as we decide. The gift of free will is our spiritual birthright, and by our use and misuse of it, we are made or broken.

   A responsibility, one that we may not fully recognize, always rests upon our shoulders. That responsibility is to exercise our freedom to think. The general attitude of anyone's mind shows what the individual really wants to do or become. With your lips you deny this; but the mental habits you have established prove otherwise. If you do not like your present mental habits of worry, fear and limited thinking, then change them, and change them quickly before they create even more damage. Your future is being shaped today by your mental habits. Make them according to the pattern that you would like to realize. Claim your freedom to be prosperous, happy and healthy.

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind," said Paul, offering good advice to people who had fallen into mental habits of fear, worry, and unsavory desires. To them, he showed the need for new habits of thought, and today we certainly must realize that we need a few new ones ourselves. Try letting the Divine Love operate in your mind until it becomes a habitual thought activity. Start thinking love and release it mentally, in all directions, and particularly in directions which at present seem negative and antagonistic. Surround everything and everyone with loving thoughts, no matter if at first you have to grit your teeth as you think those thoughts.

Out of that new mental habit will emerge a different person; a finer person; a much more spiritual person. Choose Love, use Love, become Love.

~Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, excerpted from; "Science of Mind Magazine" 1940~



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