The Operative Action of Mind

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"Link your thinking with the thoughts of God and no man, situation nor world condition can stop you from becoming what you have selected to become."

   Hope and aspirations remain as pleasant dreams until you arrange your patterns of thinking to do something specific about them. When you really want to go, where you think you would like to go, you will set up a regime of thought, feeling and action to get there. Until such a time, your discussions about what you would like to do or be are useless. When you want to improve, you will. Until that time arrives, there is little to be done about it.

   Life has equipped you with intelligence and emotion. It offers you every opportunity in the world. You can select what you want. Once you have selected what you want with determination, the Power moves into action through you, and the way unfolds. This Power within knows no defeat. It knows only growth, expansion and unfoldment of ideas into definite form.

   You are the living representative of an unconditioned Mind, which is always thinking of you as being unconditioned. Link your thinking with the thoughts of God and no man, situation nor world condition can stop you from becoming what you have selected to become.

   Jesus could have remained a carpenter in a small village in Galilee and lived in moderate comfort all his life. Moses could have been a quiet shepherd on the plains in Midian and never worried about the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. Every great man or woman on the face of the globe, who has ever moved forward in the evolution of his own soul, has done so because he wanted to do so, plus devising a plan for doing it. Greatness is not inherited; it is fashioned out of the thoughts and feelings of the individual.

   Spiritual evolution is yours for the taking. It requires your decision, your willingness to let go of present comfort and launch out into the paths of new trials with their inevitable good results. To do this, you must cease from condemning your human mind and its mistakes. Start to see yourself as God's representative on earth. The whole creative process is in your mind and heart awaiting your acknowledgment.

   Where you are in the world of cold facts is an indication of where you are in consciousness. Experience is in direct ratio to belief. Where you will go in the coming year will be determined by what you believe about yourself. To progress in any area, you will have to think in larger terms.

Select where you want to go and the Power immediately acts to get you there.


~Raymond Charles Barker, excerpted from; "The Science of Successful Living" 1957~


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