You Are Measureless

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"No fact can appear in your experience unless you have accepted the idea and thought the thought."

   The whole world of facts shouts at you what you cannot do! It says that you are a victim of the times. It measures you in words of success and failure, health and disease, friends and enemies. It is emphatic about your age, your life expectancy, and finances. It affirms you as body, bank account, and ultimate death.

   I am consciousness reverses all this. You know this is not so! You know yourself as pure awareness beyond the limits of time, space, and measurement, yet functioning in these arenas with ease and fulfillment. Ideas create facts, and you are now idea-minded. Intuition gives you the idea. You think the idea. The thought you think causes subjectivity to create the fact.

   No fact can appear in your experience unless you have accepted the idea and thought the thought.

   Knowing this, you order your experience and live in its freedom. You do not measure yourself with the measurements of fact or intellect. You see yourself as a becoming process, as that which yet shall be. In the Infinite, there is no measurement for there are no comparisons. The Infinite is your existence, and you encompass its potential.

   Your consciousness is beyond measure. You can measure facts by taking examinations. Examinations have never proven what the individual knew on any given subject. The very word examination invokes fear which negates it as a valuable tool.

   At the center of your consciousness is a purpose, but not a plan. The purpose is that of Infinite Mind aware of Itself, thereby having consciousness. This consciousness is the purpose of your being. It is why you are what you are as consciousness. It has nothing to do with what you are at the fact level. This you have self-determined and experienced.

  Your real purpose is you as consciousness intuitively directed by ideas, free to move in consciousness, as consciousness, experiencing endless fields of consciousness. When you decide that this is what you really are, the purpose is known to you and you perceive yourself as a continuum of thought and feeling directing your experience world with volition.

   You plan your own plan, for there is no one to plan it for you. You select the ideas for your own experience, for besides you as the selector, there is none other.

~Raymond Charles Barker, excerpt from; "The Power of Decision" 1968~

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