Is Your Thinking Up To Date

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"You are the starting point to bring about a better world in an Infinite Cosmos of which you are a part."

Is your thinking up to date? Are your values based on current conditions, or are you using yesterday as the yardstick for today? Jesus looked ahead and measured his world by the standard of that which would be. He envisioned a perfect world. So do the scientists and metaphysicians today.
It can logically and scientifically be planned out on paper how to bring about this perfect world. The only thing which stands in the way of this heaven on earth is humanity not knowing its divinity. Everyone realizes the futility and nonsense of war, but each of us carries his little hates and jealousies. We expect nations to live in peace, when we as individuals, cannot.

If the minds of men could be spiritually stimulated to accept change as it comes and welcome the improvements that come with it, the heaven foretold of old could be a reality. You are the starting point for this spiritual revolution to bring about a better world in an infinite cosmos, of which you are a part. To date, the scientists have been unable o find people on other planets. So, we can assume that present man is the probable only outlet of self-consciousness, the only means God has for consciously creating new and better conditions.

Your consciousness was created to be an inlet process and an outlet of mind action. Memory was created for the purpose of retaining information that would be of help in your mental processes.

Only a forward-looking man or woman with a discontent of things as they are is capable of creating a new heaven and a new earth. Never be satisfied with the present, for this impedes the birth pangs of that which will be. It prevents the new from having conception in your thinking.

Fasten your attention on your possibilities and how to attain them. Know that the Infinite welcomes the person who can move forward, investigate the new and release that which has served its purpose.

~Raymond Charles Barker, excerpt from "The Science of Successful Living" 1957~

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