Dr. Raymond C. Barker

Raymond Charles BarkerDr. Raymond Charles Barker (1911–January 29, 1988) was a well known New Thought leader and author in the New Thought spiritual movement. Dr. Barker was originally ordained as a Unity minister in 1940 then after his affiliation with Dr. Ernest Holmes; he opened the first Church of Religious Science in New York City in 1946. He was also president of the International New Thought Alliance from 1943 to 1946.



A Capacity for Success

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"Everyone is born with a capacity for success.

You are born not only with success ability, but you also have a drive toward it, an emotional need of it."



The Divine Option

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

 "Your future is being shaped today by your mental habits."

   The food that you eat nourishes the body; the ideas that you use nourish the mind; and the prayers that you pray nourish the Spirit indwelling you. All these things are optional. We can eat whatever we desire; we can think what we choose; and we can pray or not, as we decide. The gift of free will is our spiritual birthright, and by our use and misuse of it, we are made or broken.


The Operative Action of Mind

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"Link your thinking with the thoughts of God and no man, situation nor world condition can stop you from becoming what you have selected to become."

   Hope and aspirations remain as pleasant dreams until you arrange your patterns of thinking to do something specific about them. When you really want to go, where you think you would like to go, you will set up a regime of thought, feeling and action to get there. Until such a time, your discussions about what you would like to do or be are useless. When you want to improve, you will. Until that time arrives, there is little to be done about it.


You Are Measureless

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"No fact can appear in your experience unless you have accepted the idea and thought the thought."

   The whole world of facts shouts at you what you cannot do! It says that you are a victim of the times. It measures you in words of success and failure, health and disease, friends and enemies. It is emphatic about your age, your life expectancy, and finances. It affirms you as body, bank account, and ultimate death.


Is Your Thinking Up To Date

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

"You are the starting point to bring about a better world in an Infinite Cosmos of which you are a part."

Is your thinking up to date? Are your values based on current conditions, or are you using yesterday as the yardstick for today? Jesus looked ahead and measured his world by the standard of that which would be. He envisioned a perfect world. So do the scientists and metaphysicians today.

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