Faith Moves Mountains

Mentors - Orison Swett Marden

"Before we can win out in life, we must believe in our power to win. We must be confident in our expectations of success, vigorous in our self-faith."

Faith moves mountains. "To him that believeth, all things are possible." The man, who does not believe in something and believe in it with all his soul, is a pretty poor stick.

  Let nothing undermine your faith in your ultimate triumph. Hold this tenaciously, vigorously, intensely, and after awhile you will see things coming your way.

  Don't be afraid to think too highly of yourself. If the Creator made you and is not ashamed of the job, certainly you should not be. He pronounced His work good, and you should respect it.

  Faith increases confidence, carries conviction, multiplies ability. Faith doesn't think or guess. It sees the way out. It is not discouraged or blinded by mountains or difficulties, because it sees through them –sees the goal beyond.

  There are marvelous utilities, infinite good and unspeakable beauties in the great cosmic intelligence, the unseen world, ready for our use and enjoyment. If we only had sufficient faith to believe they were there, we could draw them to ourselves.

  Faith is the very pith and marrow of achievement. No faith, no achievement. An all-absorbing faith equals great achievement. Show me a great achiever, and I will show you a man or woman of great faith, faith in himself or herself, in their ability to achieve their aim. Faith has ever been the miracle worker of the ages. It is the connecting link between God and man; it is man's strength, the cornerstone of all his building, all his achievement.

  The trouble with those of us who are not doing what we can and ought to do is that we lack faith. We do not believe that we can go into the great within of us and simply and naturally make connection with Divine Force, with the Power that made us, that Power which has created and which upholds the universe and from which we derive our strength.

  We make this connection through faith. This is our trolley pole, and if we could only put it up until it taps the wire which carries omnipotent power, we could feel the thrill of Divine Life, of inexhaustible strength surging through us.

If you do not make this connection; if you lack the divine self-confidence born of faith in Omnipotence, you will never be what you long to be.

It is always the men and women with stupendous faith, a colossal self-confidence, that do the great deeds, accomplish the "impossible."

~Orison Swett Marden, excerpt from; "How to Get What You Want" 1917~




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