You Are a "Creative Worker"

Mentors - Maxwell Maltz

"The Success Mechanism within you can work in the same way to produce "Creative Doing" as it does to produce "Creative Ideas."

We make a mistake in assuming that the process of "unconscious cerebration" is reserved for writers, inventors and "creative workers". We are all creative workers, whether we are housewives working in a kitchen, school teachers, students, salesmen or businessmen.

We all have the same "success mechanism" within us, and it will work in solving personal problems, running a business, or selling goods, just as it will in writing a story or inventing. Bertrand Russell recommended that the same method he used in writing, be used by his readers in solving personal problems. Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University has said that he is inclined to think that what we call "genius" is a process; a natural way in which the human mind works to solve any problem, but that we mistakenly apply the term "genius" only when the process is used to write a book or paint a picture.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, "Psycho-Cybernetics" 1960

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