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Mentors - Joseph Murphy

"No matter what your problem is,
the answer is there even before you ask."


A businessman said to me after a lecture one Sunday, "I spent my early years toiling, moiling, and grabbing for the good things of life. I was always trying to make ends meet. I wanted more money, a home, a car and lovely surroundings."

He had gone to a spiritual counselor for advice, and she had told him that he was trying too hard. She taught him to go to the Source of all good –the God-Presence within –and to claim peace, harmony, right action, beauty and abundance. She told him that God was flowing through him, filing up all the empty vessels in his life.

He continued along that spiritual path, and all the things he had been seeking were added to him. His faith and confidence in the Infinite Presence within him were translatable to health, wealth, true expression and an abundant supply of money, also. He stopped trying so hard, begging and beseeching for the gifts of Life which have been proffered to all of us from the dawn of time.

Shakespeare said, "All things be ready if the mind be so." Open your mind to receive; learn to be a good receiver. God has given you Himself and the whole world. It is, therefore, foolish and stupid to beseech the Infinite to do something for us, because it is written;...Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear (Isaiah 65:24). No matter what your problem is, the answer is there even before you ask.

The best spiritual medicine today is to get acquainted with the Spirit within you and then claim peace, harmony, and Divine Law and order in you life. Reflect and dwell upon the Divine Law, which is; "I AM that which I contemplate." Contemplate whatsoever things are true, lovely, noble and God-like, and let wonders happen in your life.


Dr. Joseph Murphy; "How to Use The Laws of Mind" 1980


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