The Friend That Is Within You

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

"The Friend within you lives in poise. He is above fear, He is beyond hurt, He is sufficient unto Himself."

YOU HAVE a FRIEND within you who is closer than your shadow.

   This Friend anticipates your every desire, knows your every need, and governs your every act. This Friend is the God within your own soul, the animating Presence projecting your personality, which is a unique individualization of the Living Spirit.

   This Friend within you is Infinite since He is a personification of God. He is not limited by previous experiences which you may have had, by present conditions, or passing situations.

   He has no inherited tendencies of evil, lack, or limitation. He is never been caught in the mesh of circumstance. He is at all times radiant, free and happy.

   To you intellect this invisible Friend may seem to be someone else, not your Real Self, but such is not the case. Some have believed that this Friend within you is a mediator between you and Creative Spirit. Other have believed Him to be the reincarnation or rebirth of your previous self, while still others have sincerely believed Him to be some discarnate soul. But, you are not to accept such beliefs, for the Real Person within you is a direct personification of the Universal Spirit. He is your Inner, Absolute, and Perfect Self.

   The Friend within you is different from all other persons, yet He is united with all. There is some part of you which reaches into the nature of others, irresistibly drawing them to you and you to them, binding all together in one complete Unity. Right now, you are one with all persons, all places, and all events.

   The Friend within you lives in poise. He is above fear, He is beyond hurt, He is sufficient unto Himself.

   The Friend within you is continually looking after your well-being. He always wishes you to be happy, to be well, and to be radiant. Being the very fountain of your life, this Friend is a luminous Presence evermore emerging from pure Spirit, evermore expanding your consciousness. He is the High Counselor, the Eternal Guide. He is your intellect, the essence of its understanding, the nicety of its calculation, the appreciation of its temperament.

   There can be no greater unity than exists between you and this inner Friend. He spreads a table before you in the wilderness of human thought. His cup runneth over. He laughs at disaster, triumphs over human failure, and mocks the grave. When this present experience shall be rolled up like a scroll, He will pass on to new and greater experiences. But today, He is here. Trust Him today, and you may trust Him for all the tomorrows yet to come. Thus your tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will be but an expansion of your endless today.

   Your personality is an out-picturing of the impressions which you have received from this inner Friend, this Deep Personality, this Radiant and Divine Presence whose Life is Light, whose Consciousness is Peace, and whose Presence is Power. You are an incarnation of this Person, this Presence and this Power.

   It may be difficult for you to believe that there is such a Friend, but He is there at the very center of your being directing your thought and causing you to triumph over every defeat, for He is an unconquerable hero. He, who keeps silent watch within you, lifts your consciousness to the realization that you are forever protected, forever safe, and forever perfect.


~Ernest Holmes, excerpted from; "Living the Science of Mind" 1984~




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