I Am the Abundance Within You

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

"If you can put aside your fear, which is but an expression of your sense of isolation; if you can put aside all negation and turn to Me alone; then you shall be made free."

I Am come that you might have a more abundant Life. To those who know not their True Nature, believing themselves separated from Good, I Am come. To those weary with disappointment and struggle who have sought life outside themselves, I point the way to certain salvation.

   I Am in the midst of you is mighty to heal, to comfort, and to prosper. I have come to arouse you from your long dream of separation; from your night of despair. The dawn has come! The sun of Truth rises over the horizon of ignorance. The light dissipates the darkness. The morning dew is upon the petals; they glisten in the sun.

   I Am that sun of Truth dwelling within the sanctuary of your heart. I Am the morning star guiding you to the manger of your salvation, wherein lies the child born from your own consciousness. This inner life is your only savior, the creator of your destiny, the arbiter of your fate.

   Awake! Become aware of My Presence, for I Am Life! I Am not something apart from your being. I Am your being! Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet I Am. You have thought you denied My existence by affirming lack, fear and failure but in reality you have merely affirmed My Power to be to you that which you believed. I Am the Reality of your being, but I have always appeared to you in the form of your belief. I Am more than your conscious mind. I Am that which projects the mind which you call you. I Am that which creates your being and projects it from the center of My own Divine Originality.

   I Am the Power which has bound you to your false belief. I Am the Presence which alone can give you freedom. Bondage and freedom are one and the same. I Am, who is in the midst of your being, can project one as easily as another. Bondage does not bind Me; it merely expresses Me. That which you call bondage is My freedom misused!

   I have come to awaken you from the sense of limitation; to proclaim to you the eternal days of My abundance. I have come to acquaint your mind with Truth, to convert your soul by reason, inspiration, and illumination to the realization that I Am is all there is, besides which there is none other.

   Within you is the Secret Place of the Most High, the Tabernacle of the Almighty, the Indwelling God, the Ever-Present Father, and the Eternal Child. This Ever-Present Father and the Eternal Child are one and the same Being. I Am that Being. I Am the All-Being. I Am your being. You are My being.

   I Am that which thou art, thou art that which I Am. Therefore you may know that the Universal I Am is also the individual I. Hence, the individual I merges into the Universal I Am; and is Omnipotent wherever Good impels the activities of Its thought. For human thought is as Divine as is its consciousness of Me, and My Omnipotent Law forever obeys its will.

   If you can put aside your fear, which is but an expression of your sense of isolation; if you can put aside all negation and turn to Me alone; then you shall be made free. Be still and know that I Am your True Self. Be still and know that I Am the Life Principle. Be still and know that I Am the Truth dispelling all error. I Am Power, neutralizing all weakness. I Am Abundance, swallowing up all lack. I Am your Real Self.

   Nothing that you have ever said or done, no law that you have ever set in motion, is as great as I Am, for I transcend all uses of Law. I, the Creator, re-create. I, the Molder, remold. I, the Maker, remake.

   You may trust what I shall do, for I Am God, the Living Spirit in the midst of you –not some-mighty but All-Mighty. There is no law opposed to My Will. There is no opposite to My Nature. There is no darkness which My Light does not dissipate. There is no knowledge which I do not posses, for I Am Wisdom, the Source of all knowledge. I Am Light, the Source of all illumination. I Am Power, the Source of all strength.

~Ernest Holmes, Excerpted from; "Living the Science of Mind" 1984~



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