I Am That Which I Am

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

"...I Am that which reveals and that which is revealed..."

  I Am that which I Am. I Am the Eternal Presence of your own Self. Thus, there is no mediator between you and Myself, but your own thought.

   This I Am has been revealed to you in innumerable ways through the inspired writings of the ages. Each inspiration has been a proclamation that I Am is in the midst of you. I Am the writer, the inspirer, and the thing written about. I Am the Creator of history, the One who experiences it. I Am its record and its interpretation. Everything which has ever transpired has but symbolized My Divine Presence at the center of all.

   I Am within you is the only Presence there is. I create innumerable centers of My Consciousness personified as people, yet I Am is the thread of Unity running through all, binding all back to Myself. Because I Am a Perfect Oneness, all of Me exists everywhere. Wherever you recognize Me, there I Am. And, whether or not you recognize Me, I Am still there. This Divine Visitor, which is your True Self and which is That Which I Am, is both the one who stands at the door and knocks and the one who opens the door.

   It is the glory of this recognition which has given to the enlightened true mastership. Do not look for masters outside of Me, or mediators between yourself and Myself. There is but One Self who needs no mediator. This Self is immediate, present, and available.

   Any thought or belief which would seek to separate That Which I Am from that which you are would be an illusion, no matter how lofty its concept or how sacred its purpose. For it would seek to deny the ever-present I Am, the completeness of My Perfection, the God within you, the inspired thought back of your act.

   Your True Self constitutes the only mediator between the visible and the Invisible. I Am that Self. Be still and know that you are one with Me, and My Being in you is your life. It is also your body, mind, and spirit; every cell of your body, every thought of your mind, the glory of your spirit. That which you have so ardently sought has never been separated from you for one moment. My Desire within you to be expressed has been the motivating power impelling and compelling you evermore to reach out, on and up.

   I Am the Christ dwelling at the center of every soul; human yet Divine; Infinite, yet flowing through that which is apparently finite; unmanifest, yet forever manifesting; birthless and deathless, yet forever being born; timeless, I Am forever creating time. And you, the expression of Myself, appear to be separated from Me merely because you are a unique manifestation of Myself. For I Am that which you are and which all people are. I Am in all and I Am all.

   When the recognition comes within you of this I Am That Which I Am, you will have discovered your true Savior, your true Sonship, and you will know that this Sonship is projection of Myself, forever different from any other projection, immortal, yet forever expanding.

   Here you find the True Ideal, the Cosmic Pattern, the Eternal Friendship of the soul to itself, the God who is personified, the Person who is God-in-man. And, how great is this Divine riddle! How inscrutable is the Sphinx! Men have sought through countless ages to solve this mystery –how can Unity and multiplicity exist together without division!

   This mystery of Unity and multiplicity without division, I have proclaimed throughout the ages, but only the enlightened have understood My meaning; the unenlightened have not realized that those who did understand Me, were even as they. They believed them to be great prophets, great mediators governed by invisible masters, controlled by those whom they called saints.

   But since I create both saint and sinner, know neither big nor little, good nor bad, and, being ageless, since I create all ages, I Am that which reveals and that which is revealed. And, the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief stone of the corner. The vulgar did not know, and even the high priests failed to recognize, that the Ark of My Covenant was in the sanctuary of their own souls; that the Scroll of Life concealed in this Ark had inscribed on it merely the words, I AM.


~Ernest Holmes, Excerpted from; "Living the Science of Mind" 1984~




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