God Loves a Prosperous Man!

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

“My belief is that God not only loves a prosperous man, but that we discredit both Him and ourselves when we experience poverty!”

One of the oddest quirks that we discover in human nature is to find someone desiring to be radiantly well, gloriously happy, abundantly supplied, well loved and fully expressed, and yet avoiding any use of the word “spiritual,” and shunning any possible thought that they may desire to be known as spiritual.

   The fact that they are anxious to secure a material fortune but cannot bring themselves to connect it with anything spiritual; may be a hold-over from the belief that “to desire the good things of life, while not exactly sinful, was yet an unworthy ideal.” Many wince at the mention of God in connection with supply, as if such a thought were blasphemous.

   By spirituality we mean a constructive atmosphere of goodness, of truth, of beauty, of harmony, and of reality. Such an atmosphere comes; it seems, in such degree as one comes to believe, to understand, and to make use of this invisible Presence, this invisible Intelligence, which is what we mean when we speak of the Spirit of God. To be spiritually-minded is to be whole-minded. To be whole-minded is to be holy. It means that we realize the complete unit of God and His creation. If we, therefore, demand from ourselves, freely, openly, and emphatically, a spiritual reaction to success, it means that we understand the complete unity and close relationship of all life and can express prosperity...success…abundance.

   What do we mean by “success”? By success is meant, in this particular discourse, a life that is complete. By success, I do not necessarily mean to point to the man who has a million dollars. A man might be a millionaire and, at the same time, a dismal failure. Equally, a man might have a very few dollars and be a very rich man, because he would be satisfied, happy and complete. Success means that which is necessary to maintain a balance, equilibrium: subjectively, it means a state of well-being, a sense of happiness; and objectively, an environment that reflects this inner state of consciousness.

   A successful man will be at peace, and because he is at peace, he will be happy; and because he is happy, he will be surrounded by happy circumstances. He will have a sufficient consciousness of substance, so that his environment will reflect a degree of supply sufficient to enable him to have those things which make for a fuller life, whether we call it much or little. A successful man will have such a consciousness of the unity of good, that this consciousness will find its objective correspondence in friendship, in love, and in human interest.

It is only as we express good that God is expressed through us.

~Ernest Holmes, excerpt from; “It’s Up to You” 1936~


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