There Are No Limits

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

"Is there anything in the universe that that denies us abundance? A thousand times, No!"

There is nothing in the universe that limits us, or that would or could desire to limit us. This idea that God is trying our souls to see whether or not we can take it, so to speak, is nonsense.

That idea is born in ignorance, in superstition, in the night-time of the soul, and has nothing to do with spiritual realization. There is no power in the universe that tries or tempts us but our own ignorance.

There is nothing in the universe that withholds from us because we are withholding; because, in withholding, It would withhold from Itself, and we are some part of Its purpose; therefore, not only is there nothing in the universe that limits or restrains us, but the Spirit even seeks, urges, pushes against us, to fulfill Itself.

We should get a clear understanding of this, for a man is already defeated if he approaches life with the morbid idea that there is some Power in the universe ready to deny him or to inflict punishment upon him.

Every normal individual feels that there is Something in the universe which, if he could get hold of It, would straighten him out. This insistent and universal desire for self-expression, which every man feels, is proof that there is Something in the universe that wants us to be successful. Furthermore, we could not experience such an urge, if the fulfillment of it did not already exist for us in Divine Mind!

~Ernest Holmes, excerpt from; "It's Up to You", 1936~


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