The Secret of Spiritual Power

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

All the world is in search of Reality. Intuitively we feel the necessity of Something greater than we are, Something upon which we may rely with certainty. We need spiritual power even more than we need physical power. We need both and we have both. But having great physical energy at our command has not satisfied us.


Consequently, we see an interesting thing going on in the world today –many of our scientists are becoming philosophers endeavoring to determine the relationship of their own science to the larger meaning of life.

One of the worlds greatest psychologists says that after thirty years spent in analyzing the subjective thought of educated people from every part of the world, he has found, in people over thirty-five years of age, that almost without exception, their neurosis is caused by the lack of a true religious perception. He is not speaking as the theologian, but as a scientist and a physician when he states that in no case has there been a permanent healing without the restoration of some type of religious faith.

His conclusions have nothing to do with any particular creed, doctrine or dogma. He is speaking of the essence of a true religious conviction which relates neither to Catholicism nor Protestantism, Jew nor Gentile. It means an inner conviction which is truly spiritual, no matter what outward form of worship it takes.

Religion is a reaction to humanity's spiritual inquiry, the outward form of an inner conviction. But all through the ages, those who have been truly spiritual, no matter what outward form their conviction took, have had this in common; they have believed in something greater than they were, and a something which responded to them. This belief is the very basis of spiritual power; it is the fundamental principle of every religion. We do not need to discuss the merits or demerits of other people's religions.

Every person's religion is good and necessary to him, or he would not have it. We like ours, which is why we espouse its cause. The Power of all religions is in the spiritual principles involved and in our conscious unity with these principles. There is such a thing as spiritual power.

The secret of spiritual power is a consciousness of one's union with the whole and the availability of good. We are one with a universal creativeness which is the God of theology, the Spirit of mysticism, the Reality of philosophy, and the Principle of science. God is accessible to all people.

~Ernest Holmes, excerpt from; "Can We Talk To God" 1934~

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