Your Mind is a Magnet

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

We are always either attracting or repelling. It is impossible to escape this immutable Law of Cause and Effect which governs everything. We are either drawing people to us or repelling them. Our thought is either bringing us happy or unhappy experiences, sickness or health. If we are engaged in business our thought patterns determine whether we or not our business is going to be successful, whether it will expand or shrink.

How necessary it then becomes for us not to let our thinking be under the domination of our present experiences. This is why a very wise man once told his followers to judge not according to appearances.

We are always attracting the love of others, or their criticism. We are drawing the assistance and cooperation into the orbit of our personal experience, or else we are creating frustrations and disappointments. This is because we are always thinking. Mind is the most active thing in the universe. It works ceaselessly, fashioning thoughts into things. Our every thought comes forth in some way as our experience.

We have reached a very happy place indeed, and a desirable stage in our growth, if we no longer give thinking room to negative ideas. Always we should go on to higher levels; always we should be seeking to purify our thought processes. It must have been this idea which led the deep thinker of antiquity to say; "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord...." It is the totality of our thought content and belief that creates and maintains the pattern or form for the continuous creative action of Law. The tangible result is manifest in our experience.

Written by Ernest Holmes and Willis Kinnear, Science of Mind, July 1958

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