Financial Adversity

Mentors - Eric Butterworth

"The "economy" as far as we are concerned, will always be about what we make it, how we decree it, and what we expect it to be."

The great discovery of the new insight in Truth is that consciousness is the key to all things which happen to us, certainly the key to personal prosperity. The starting point in changing your life from financial reverses to an experience of abundance, is the realization that you can change your life by altering your thoughts.

You begin by taking responsibility for your own life. As long as you are hung up on paranoid thoughts such as; "It is what they are doing," "It's what is happening in Washington," "Office politics!" and "The IRS is hassling me," then you cannot find help of any kind through Truth.

Admit to yourself that your present experience, even the condition of your bank account, reflects your present level of awareness. You are not the victim of circumstances. Consciousness creates or at least sets the climate in which they happen. When you establish yourself in this awareness, then you are in a position to change things. Because, if the cause is in you, in your level of consciousness, then the cure can be affected by changing your thoughts, by altering the cause.

If, however, the cause is "out there" in people or circumstances, then there is little you can do. "It's just one of those things."

~Eric Butterworth, excerpt from; "Spiritual Economics" 1993~

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