Life is Consciousness

Mentors - Emmet Fox

"When you want to solve your problems or change your life, you can see at once that the only way is to change your consciousness."

The explanation of all your problems, the explanation of your difficulties, and the explanation of your triumphs in life boil down to this: Life is a State of Consciousness. That is the beginning and the end.

That is the final step in metaphysics. All the other steps lead up to that.

Isaac Pennington, a Quaker, said, "All truth is a shadow, but the last truth." And the last truth is that life is consciousness. You are and you have and you do in accordance with your consciousness. That is the beginning and the end.

There are other ways of looking at life which are superficially correct, but ultimately, the final truth is that your life is a state of consciousness. Your so called physical body is the embodiment of a part of your consciousness. The kind of work you are doing –whether you are in work that you love or work that you hate –is the expression of your consciousness at that point. The kind of people you meet and the kind of people you attract into your life are the expressions of your consciousness about your fellow human beings.

People come to me and say; "If you only knew the kind of family I have, if you only knew the kind of people I have to be with and work with!" I say; "The Law of Being says, 'Like attracts like.'"

The ultimate explanation is that life is a state of consciousness. Unless you change your state of consciousness, nothing else can change.

~Emmet Fox, excerpt from; "Life Is Consciousness" 1936~

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