Emma Curtis Hopkins

Emma Curtis HopkinsEmma Curtis Hopkins (1849–1925) New Thought mystic, healer, theologian and teacher, author of "High Mysticism" and "Scientific Christian Mental Practice." She was one of the greatest influences on the New Thought movement, teaching over 50,000 people her method of knowing; "God is all there is."

She was called the "teacher of teacher's" because a number of her students went on to found their own churches or to become prominent in the New Thought Movement.


Mentors - Emma Curtis Hopkins

"The world now needs fresh news from Universal Wisdom."

Napoleon was an example of letting his own thoughts stop for the thoughts of those higher in authority to sift on his brain. Catching their dominance he proudly said; "The only difference between me and other men is that I have confidence to command." It was not till he began to study the science of battles that he lost Victorious Confidence.

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