Where is Your Thinking Taking You?

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

"All action in your mind is creative, but the thoughts
you DWELL upon are most creative..."


Mind is always creating, whether it be good or not good. Mind itself is perfect and never moves away from Its perfect base, but because it has the freedom to choose, mind can choose some dandy, not perfect thoughts to focus upon.

What are you thinking about these days? What is your focus? Are you thinking about what's wrong with you and your life? Now, noting what is wrong is not destructive as long as we do something about it. It's what takes up MOST of our thinking time that counts. The trouble with most people is that they spend MOST of their time thinking about what's wrong and little time thinking about what's right! Most of the time thinking about how much money they don't have, rather than how much they can create by means of consciousness.

All action in your mind is creative, but the thoughts that you DWELL upon are most creative, just as the hamburger left on the grill the longest is going to be the most done, not because there is any morality involved but simply because that's the way it works. As Lau Tse has said; "If we do not change our direction, we may end up where we are heading."

The thing in you that establishes your direction is your thought. Be willing to change what you are thinking about. Thoughts of limitation haven't done much for you, why keep them around? Commit to a better way of thinking every day. Yes, this moment, decide to focus on the good, the life-giving, the constructive....the transcendent power of God in you...able to accomplish anything you set out to do.

Dr. David Walker, The Encouraging Word, 1988

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