Give Your All

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

To what or whom are you waiting to give yourself?


We all live in a Spiritual System of cause and effect which never stops translating our consciousness into our experience, therefore this moment should be lived as though it counts. Why? Because, it does!


Now, the question do we use this moment to cause what we want? There is only one way and that is by giving it our all. It is only when we commit to an idea that we feel any real satisfaction. The flirt gets the flirt's reward and often that reward is not enduring. If we want success as a permanent part of our experience, we must make success a permanent part of our consciousness.

The person who gives their all is using the cause and effect system to their own advantage. They are not waiting around for the right opportunity. They are giving their all to whatever they are currently involved with, knowing that Divine Mind in them; moves them from expression to larger expression.

To what or whom are you waiting to give yourself? Are you withholding what you have to give until the right job or person comes along? If you are, you are withholding from yourself the wonderful opportunity of experiencing YOU, right where you are.

Now is the time! Give your all to life and experience the wonder of your own creativity.


David. J. Walker, excerpted from; "The Encouraging Word" 1988



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