Make A Demand

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

   "Lift your head up and your consciousness up, and be what you were created to be!"

   Intelligence creates by making a demand upon itself. Not a demand upon something outside of Itself, but a demand upon its own nature.


   You are Intelligence and you create by making a demand upon yourself, your own nature. What form shall this demand take? Well, Intelligence is an attribute of Mind; therefore the demand must be a mental demand.

   Now, what do you want to create? As an Intelligent being, we must start with an idea, and then follow through by thinking in a way which does not contradict our idea.

   You create what you want by making a demand upon your own nature, by deciding what it is that you want to create, and by establishing thought patterns that strengthen what you want. Stop all demands on anything or anyone outside of yourself. Now, seize this knowledge and start making a few demands upon yourself!

   Demand of yourself right thinking, refuse to be petty, refuse to commiserate with negativity, refuse to feel sorry for yourself, refuse to be a "wishy-washy" person.

   You are creative by nature! You are intelligent by nature! Make whatever demands upon yourself that need to be made, and get on with it! Lift your head up, your consciousness up, and be what you were created to be: the Perfect Presence of the Creative Mind of God!


~Dr. David Walker, excerpted from "The Encouraging Word" 1988~

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