Self Image

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

"Though we were created to personify completeness, our experience will be the result of what we image ourselves to be. Most of this imaging is unconscious."

Your image attracts what is like it and repels what isn't. People who have a healthy self-image, whether that image is forged out of family values, a religion, or a particular brand of psychology, will appreciate life and, in the process, express love, and because they are expressing love, they will undoubtedly be loved in return.

If we lack a health self-image, we will attract either no one at all, a fixer-upper who wants to invest time and energy in changing us, or someone who, (like us), doesn't have a very healthy self-image. What a combination that makes! Two people who share the same distaste for life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson tells us, "If you want a friend you must be a friend." If you want love, you must embody and express love, now. If you want to live a prosperous life, embody the idea of prosperity and dare to express the consciousness of prosperity now.

The best approach to shaping our lives is to first accept our enough-ness and then decide what we want to experience, be it health, happiness, love or rewarding work. Next, we set out to embody the end result. This is called the development of consciousness. We can experience only what we have developed in our own minds.

~Dr. David Walker, excerpt from; "You Are Enough" 2007

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