Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

Life isn't very exciting if we take whatever comes along, if we merely adjust to whatever is within reach and become comfortable with it. Life is exciting only when we're reaching, when we look at what comes along and decide that we caused it and secondly because we caused it, we don't have to take it.
We can fairly certain that the person who is adjusting to whatever comes along, doesn't understand that they caused it. If they did, they wouldn't be so quick to make it a part of their experience.

In what areas are you adjusting to what exists? And, why? Are you willing to reach into your own creativity, reach into the Infinite Creative Principle within you? Are you willing to reach for the bigger idea? Of course you are! Life asks only one thing, that we move forward, that we become willing channels for Its expression, that we extend ourselves, expand our concepts, and create something bigger today than we did yesterday.

Make your life exciting today by reaching for the bigger idea. How far can you go? How many new ideas can you conceive? How much good can you create? Enter into the consciousness of moving forward. A forward moving person isn't one who doesn't look back, but one who knows how to use what lies behind as a reference point rather than a guideline. Your guideline is within you, it is the Divine Impulse to create bigger and better experiences of life.

Start to reach this very moment. Reach for the right idea, and keep your vision extended until that idea is ready to give way to even a greater idea. You can never stop creating. Reach....and create what you want.

~Dr. David Walker, "The Encouraging Word" 1988

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