Dr. David J. Walker

Dr. David Walker
Dr. David J. Walker, the beloved founding pastor of the Los Angeles Center of Religious Science, made his transition on April 15, 2010. His life was celebrated on May 8th, 2010. Today his work is honored by maintaining the Center for Spiritual Living – Los Angeles as a place where Principle is taught and by celebrating what is right with our world.

Where is Your Thinking Taking You?

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

"All action in your mind is creative, but the thoughts
you DWELL upon are most creative..."


Mind is always creating, whether it be good or not good. Mind itself is perfect and never moves away from Its perfect base, but because it has the freedom to choose, mind can choose some dandy, not perfect thoughts to focus upon.

Give Your All

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

To what or whom are you waiting to give yourself?


We all live in a Spiritual System of cause and effect which never stops translating our consciousness into our experience, therefore this moment should be lived as though it counts. Why? Because, it does!



Make A Demand

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

   "Lift your head up and your consciousness up, and be what you were created to be!"

   Intelligence creates by making a demand upon itself. Not a demand upon something outside of Itself, but a demand upon its own nature.



No More Excuses

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

"Let no excuse, no matter how logical it seems, be more important than proving your ability to bring an idea through to complete manifestation."

   IF WE DON'T SAY; "SO WHAT!" we will probably arm ourselves with an excuse or two for why things haven't worked out the way we wanted them to. Excuses are deadly! They don't injure our desires; they kill them, because they replace them. If you have an excuse as to why you are not demonstrating greater good in your life, that's the reason you haven't. You have an excuse.


Self Image

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

"Though we were created to personify completeness, our experience will be the result of what we image ourselves to be. Most of this imaging is unconscious."

Your image attracts what is like it and repels what isn't. People who have a healthy self-image, whether that image is forged out of family values, a religion, or a particular brand of psychology, will appreciate life and, in the process, express love, and because they are expressing love, they will undoubtedly be loved in return.

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