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"I have always marveled at the creative process. As a songwriter and writer, I've used it in a definite way thousands of times and witnessed the amazing results."

The age old question "Who am I?" is one that many seekers have asked. How do you answer it? Perhaps we each answer in our own way, but it is a question that, for the Truth student, creates a path to the source. When we make a conscious connection with the Infinite and unify ourselves with that field of limitless potential, we open a channel from which to think, live, and create our highest good. The following is a method I use to reach that blissful state of recognition.

   There is a beautiful practice in Tibetan Buddhism called Rushen. I first learned of it through one of my teachers, Rev. Marian Moon, and subsequently read about it in a book by Lama Surya Das called Awakening To The Sacred. What this practice does is gently call the one who is using it back to the very essence of who and what they are. The practitioner begins like this:

I have a name, but I am not my name.
I am a woman (or a man), but I am not my gender.
I may be a sister or brother, a daughter or son, a father or mother, but this is not who I am.

   It continues and the practitioner speaks of the ways he or she may be defined, for example:

I have a home, perhaps a car and things that I love, but that's not who I am.
I may be a student, a teacher, a writer (etc), but that's not who I am.

   Then at one point, the practitioner begins affirming the Truth by asking and answering the ultimate question. Who am I?

I am perfect Spirit.
I am Life Itself.
I am pure knowing,
an endless stream of energy.

   Continuing, the practitioner names those things that describe them as birthless, deathless, ageless Spirit. These would be your own words, as you feel them. When I practice Rushen, which literally translated means discerning the difference between, I speak these words out loud in quiet space that I deem sacred. Each time the words I choose are slightly different and my vocabulary of the Truth of who I am seems to expand as I am moved into a place of realization that feels both powerful and peaceful.

   I love this practice and it's something I use often, especially prior to a purposeful creative use of the law, meaning before treatment or when establishing an environment for an act of creativity such as writing. Before doing anything wouldn't it be more beneficial to open a channel to the Great Mind that created all there is by making a conscious connection with the One?

   I have always marveled at the creative process. As a songwriter and writer, I've used it in a definite way thousands of times and witnessed the amazing results. On any given day we use it unconsciously, for example, when we decide what to wear in the morning or how to take a certain route to get to a particular destination. It's so important, however, to acknowledge that all our ideas come from that source of Infinite supply, from the One Mind that holds all the ideas that have ever been conceived or have yet to be conceived. I believe making this conscious connection daily and especially doing so by means of a practice such as Rushen is a custom worthy of repetition. The ultimate practice, I suppose, would be to do what the mystics have done and simply live in this presence all the time – to pray without ceasing. I'm not there yet, but I'm working on it.

   Acknowledging the power behind the creative principle is something I have broken down into its simplest form to teach the children with whom I work. I tell them that each time they think or have an idea they are using The Invisible Power. From the light bulb, to the carton in which milk is contained, everything that exists was first an idea in someone's mind. Children marvel at this concept. "What brilliant ideas do you have?" I ask them. I don't know if Thomas Edison knew he was using the great Mind of God when he created that light bulb, but he somehow created an opening for that Mind to work through him. He experienced what we call inspiration, which comes from the Latin root "inspirare" and means to breathe in. Certainly breathing Spirit in consciously must be the key to fully experiencing our greatness. Infinite success is ours when we can be open and receptive to that which we already are.

   The Real you has never been sick, or hurt. It doesn't know lack. It doesn't speculate or worry. It is abundantly rich and creatively prolific. It is perfectly Infinite. It is all. It creates out of Itself by means of Its own Intelligence and takes the form we choose to give It. Thinking is a sacred act. If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing with conscious intention. Begin by making a conscious connection using the power of the word. Start each day by identifying yourself as who you truly are - with an affirmation, perhaps through Rushen or by some other method that works for you. Make each moment a conscious one, open the channel wide and watch what wonders appear.


Bunny Hull is a practitioner with Center For Spiritual Living – Los Angeles, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, children's author and founder of Dream A World® Watch for her upcoming feature article in Science of Mind Magazine.


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