Bunny Hull

Bunny HullBunny Hull is a practitioner with the Center For Spiritual Living – Los Angeles. She is a Grammy-award winning songwriter, singer and award winning children's author.

Bunny is also the founder of Dream A World® and Dream A World Education, Inc., two organizations which promote self-awareness for children through books, music and programming. She has been in Science of Mind for over 28 years. Her recent work includes three new book/CD releases from the award-winning Young Masters Little Wisdom Series: The Invisible Power, This Little Light and Heart Of A Lion. Available from DeVorss & Company or online at www.dreamaworld.com and www.dreamaworldedu.org is the non-profit site.


The Conscious Connection

Mentors - Bunny Hull

"I have always marveled at the creative process. As a songwriter and writer, I've used it in a definite way thousands of times and witnessed the amazing results."

The age old question "Who am I?" is one that many seekers have asked. How do you answer it? Perhaps we each answer in our own way, but it is a question that, for the Truth student, creates a path to the source. When we make a conscious connection with the Infinite and unify ourselves with that field of limitless potential, we open a channel from which to think, live, and create our highest good. The following is a method I use to reach that blissful state of recognition.


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