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"We have wept too long over the past and what it might have been had we been wiser. This is not only useless contemplation, it is a negative one and, therefore, places further negation in the subconscious mind for it to digest and probably manifest."  ~ Raymond Charles Barker, "The Power of Decision"

Every New Year's Eve it seems as though people everywhere, enthusiastically make New Year's resolutions that include greater health, increased wealth, more happiness, additional success and true peace of mind. My initial thoughts are; why do we wait until the 364th day, the 23rd hour and: 59th minute of the year to choose something different?

Day by day and moment by moment we have the privilege and opportunity to choose greater good. The health, happiness, success and peace of mind that we seek aren't contingent upon our New Year's resolution, nor necessarily attained by chasing after it for the next 364 days, as if it's something illusive to be caught.

The Power of Imagination

"The Infinite Power that runs the universe had an image of exactly what It was doing and an image of exactly where It was going." ~ The Power that Heals

In your mind's eye, do you have a detailed, colorful image of what health, happiness, success and peace of mind mean to you?

Just as Walt Disney utilized the Creative Process in imaging every aspect of Disney World before the first stage was ever laid –the rides, the themes, the buildings and the characters, we too can consciously tap into this Universal Creative Process.

Everything that we desire to experience in our lives, flashes across the screen of our mind as images, because we think in pictures. So, what are the images that you hold in mind?

If "thou wilt be made whole" in 2015, what does that look like for you? What does wholeness as Health, Happiness, Success and Peace of Mind, look like on the canvass of your mind? Not that it's required of you, but could you accurately convey this image to others, if called upon? Can you successfully hold these images on the screen of your mind to the exclusion of everything else until they manifest?

Those of us that study and practice Concept-Therapy understand that our images must be broad, logical, positive and lawful. We have an understanding of how to get these images into the subconscious. It's a process that you too can learn, if you so choose.

The Power to Choose

"...we have the power to choose. Our success in choosing health or happiness, however, depends upon our ability to state our choices in correct terms and to concentrate on that image so that it is impressed upon our subconscious mind." ~ The Power that Heals

Have you been struggling with your health? What about your finances, are you lacking? What about your relationships, are they fulfilling? What about your peace of mind, are you feeling calm, confident and reassured? Overall, are you experiencing a joyful sense of well-being?

In Concept-Therapy, we recognize that no one deliberately or consciously chooses lack and limitation as a way of life, but that one is using their Create Power in the wrong way.

We all have the Power Within that creates, governs and directs the universe. We have the ability to tap into this Innate Power Within to create health, happiness, success and peace of mind. We have the ability to create a wonderful, new experience, right now, if we so choose.

A 2015 that's vastly different from 2014 or any preceding year isn't about doing more or different, or about chasing or grinding, but about choosing differently.

"Spirit is busy molding matter and consciousness so that both will eventually become a more perfect vehicle for.... perfect spiritual expression." ~ Concept-Therapy, Phase 3, pg. 99

What choices will you make in 2015 that will allow you to become a more perfect vehicle for perfect spiritual expression?

What choices will you make this year that will allow you to become the person that you need to be to create the health, happiness, success and peace of mind that's worthy of you?
All the good that we seek is also seeking us, it sits patiently awaiting our detailed attention. How much longer do we choose to wait?

We don't need a New Year or a New Year's resolution to experience better health, greater happiness, more success and peace of mind to a greater degree, we simply need to choose differently and initiate a new chain of causation.

Are you ready for something different?

"No Man Left Behind" - Transcending Post-Traumatic Stress Through the Power of Concept-Therapy

If you're ready to chosse a new direction, filled with possibility and probability, I invite you to join us in San Antonio, Texas, February 18th-22nd, 2015. Collectively we'll explore the Laws of Life and how to utilize them as tools of change. Although our subconscious minds may have been impressed with limiting, detrimental, or even erroneous concepts, these concepts are changeable. Life is not hopeless! You do have a choice!

Here's to our collective Health, Happiness, Success and Peace of Mind in 2015!


Bennie Harris

January 12, 2015


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