Wilt Thou Be Made Whole

Mentors - Bennie Harris

"Man's experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness." ~ Ernest Holmes. "The Science of Mind" pg 448.1

Awww...... 2015; A fresh New Year and as of this writing, another 356 days, 51 weeks, 11 ¾ months or a remaining 8,544 hours to fulfill our New Year's resolutions!

Traditionally that's how we approach the New Year, isn't it? Out with the old, in with the new....Let old acquaintance be forgot...etc. That's a wonderful way to embrace 2015, if that's what one would like, but I choose to see and experience it a bit differently.

I see it in terms of commitment. What are you committed to at this very moment that will allow your 2015 to be significantly different and why does this matter to you? To the degree that we can define what we are committed to and why, we increase the probability of attaining or experiencing the thing.

As we were closing out the month of December 2014, I had a number of brief conversations with some that were struggling through their individual post-traumatic stress or PTSD experiences. In each case, all were very detailed and descriptive of "how" they arrived at this place in their lives, (in living color) but only one could define for me what they were committed to now, and why. One was fully taken back, seemingly offended, that they might actually need to commit to something different to finally attain some results.

Why is it that we create these wonderful, passionately descriptive, relationships with our painful past and limiting experiences, but are scared to death at the thought stepping forward into the freedom of something new?

If you're a Bible fan, (even if you're not) in John 5: verses 4-9, there's a written account of Jesus interacting with a man in Jerusalem by the "Sheep Market Pool," what some call the "Pool of Bethesda." It was said that; "at the moving of the water by an angel, whosoever then stepped in, was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."

These verses in John note that "a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years." (Now whatever this infirmity or impotence was, 38 years is a very long time.)

If you have a Bible, pull it out and look at this for yourself. If you don't have a Bible, look it up on the internet. (I invite you to loose whatever issue you have with this book called the Bible.)

In short summary, Jesus encountered this man that had lain there with his infirmity for 38 years, he knew that it had been a long time and he said to the man; "Wilt thou be made whole?"

Wow.....what a powerful question!!! Nothing else, not..."tell me your story," "what happened," nothing....simply, "Wilt thou be made whole?"

Now, this man's response to this question packed with potential, was in many regards similar to what we might hear today; he responded with why he had not yet been healed or moved beyond his limiting experience.

Jesus responded to the man; "Rise, take up thy bed and walk," and the text notes "and immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed and walked."

I could go into this account much deeper, but that's not my purpose, "Wilt thou be made whole?" is the question.

As we collectively enter into and embrace these first weeks of 2015, what is it that you seek to create? What is it that you're struggling with? What is it that you're passionate about? What is it that moves and inspires you?

For those that I'm working with now and throughout the year, its Post-Traumatic Stress and PTSD, for you it may be something similar. My question to you, (my question to myself), is: "Wilt thou be made whole?" Simply stated; do you have a desire to be well or sound? Do you have a desire that's greater than your past, that's greater than the limiting, painful experience that you've known? Yes.......awesome!!! Now, why does this matter to you?

If we can't answer this question with a resounding, emphatic; "YES" and then define why it matters to us, then why would we expect this year to be any different than last year or the year before?

Maybe for you it's not your health, but finances or relationships, or some combination of all of them? The question is essentially the same; "Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?" Do you desire to be well or sound physically, mentally, spiritually, in your finances, or in your relationships? What is it for you and why does it matter.

In Concept-Therapy we "Zero in on the Laws of Life to attain Health, Happiness, Success and Peace as Unit."

Why not commit yourself to attaining health, happiness, success and peace of mind as a unit in 2015? The year is still young!

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole in 2015?

To your Health, Happiness, Success and Peace of Mind as a Unit in 2015,

Bennie Harris

January 9, 2015



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