PTSD and The Power That Heals

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"The problems and difficulties that we must face and overcome are really incentives to further human development. Appearing as ugly excrescences on the path of life, they are in reality the stepping stones to better things." ~ Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays Of The Dawn"

As I pen this on Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at 7:17am, I'm also remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. I pause in silent reflection for the many lives that were lost and forever changed that Sunday morning 73 years ago, I wonder about the almost 60,000 military and civilian survivors. I wonder how many of them went on and suffered silently through the effects of that nightmarish experience, not to mention WWII? I say "suffered silently" because there was no "official" diagnosis or recognition of this that we call "PTSD' today.

While this is about Post-Traumatic Stress and "The Power That Heals," it may not be that for you. If not, please substitute PTSD with whatever it may be that seemingly holds you hostage and keeps you from truly being the person that you're here to be. For you it may be fear, anxiety, worry and doubt, or cancer, diabetes, COPD, hypertension, addiction or one or more of the 14,000 plus maladies listed in the ICD-10. Whatever it may be for you, we're really talking about one thing, The Power That Heals.

It would seem that at some point in all of our lives, we are faced with a challenge that seemingly prevents us from living more fully. For some, it may be multiple challenges. For me, it's been this post-war experience thing that the ivory tower professionals have labeled as PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Seems as if everything associated with the military or the government has to be labeled with a name or acronym. I often wonder if that's so, because we all know that you can't bill for it if it's not labeled with a classification.

Never-the-less, I was born into my dad's post-Korean War experience and endured through his post-Vietnam War experience. If you've lived in the home of one that's brought the war home with them, you can imagine my experiences. My childhood experiences were also supplemented by the interesting experiences and observations in my grandmother's home (her husband served in WWII and Korea) and my post-war military community of Seaside, California.

Whatever lessons Life was endeavoring to teach me, I wasn't learning because I then entered the Marine Corps post-Vietnam in 1975 and my experience at home was compounded! At least in Seaside, California I only had to deal with my dad and a few crazy situations in the community. In the Marine Corps, post-Vietnam, I was surrounded by pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it carried a racial component.

Fast forward to 2014 with these rich, wonderful, more-times-than-not, painful experiences stored in the treasure box of my subconscious and supplanted with a powerfully new awareness and realization of Concept-Therapy and The Power that Heals.

Now, I didn't just become aware of Concept-Therapy and The Power that Heals, but as I've worked with the knowledge of both and allowed them to work with me, I have become more fully aware.

It's like electricity, we've always been aware of it, but as we mature and work with it more consistently, we become more fully aware of it and what we're capable of accomplishing as we work with it and not in opposition to it.

It's the same with Post-Traumatic Stress or with anything else that binds us, the more attention we give it, the greater our relationship to it and with it. Have you ever spoken in detail with someone that's chronically ill? It's as if they've gotten a Ph.D. in what's wrong, they can describe it in vivid detail, in living color. Now, ask that same person about The Power that Heals or the cure for their challenging experience and you can barely draw from them a coherent sentence.

If we think about the car that we drive, 99.9% of us couldn't explain how it really works or why it works beyond our putting oil and gas in it and taking it to the shop. But, we can describe it's form to each other with absolute detail. Why is that? Because with have a relationship with the form, the thing itself. Its attributes.

When it comes to The Power that Heals most of us also can't complete a coherent sentence regarding It. 99.9 % of us can't describe It, detail how It works or detail Its attributes. Why is that? Because we have no relationship with It. Now most of us know what our parents have told us about It, if anything. Or, most of us know what's been preached to us from the pulpit once a week on a Sunday, or that which we've heard from our friends that always know everything about everything! So..... how has that worked up to this point in your life? It may suffice for all of us for a while, but until we can each develop our own ability to reason and tap into our own higher consciousness, our breakthroughs will be limited.

The Power that Heals is that which beats our hearts, grows our hair and animates our lives. It's the same Power that incarnates in and through everything about us, from the leaf on a plant and the ant on the ground, to the gravity that holds us in place and that which maintains the solar system in its order. To the degree that we can grow more fully in the awareness of this Power, Its attributes and Its lawful working, we will hardly have the power to transcend that which seemingly binds us.

As we grow and mature more fully in this awareness, it'll be like flipping the light switch or turning the key in the ignition on your vehicle. We won't doubt and question whether It will work, we'll simply know!

Do you have the courage to set yourself free from the "status-quo" and that which binds you, or are you content to continue your painful coexistence with Life? We've always had a choice! Want to know more? Consider joining us in San Antonio, Texas, February 18 – 22, 2015 for "No Man Left Behind"Transcending Post-Traumatic Stress with the power of Concept-Therapy. More information is available here on our website or you can call us at: 1-888-621-7077 and we'll mail you more information, including a free copy of "The Power That Heals."

To your freedom!

Bennie Harris
December 7, 2014


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